E-Liquids: Best Strengths For You

Converting to vaping as a complete newbie, might be somewhat confusing in the beginning or whether from conventional smokes. Nevertheless, when you realize things you need and develop your own personal taste it’s extremely straightforward.

Primarily, it is necessary to know what just what’s an eliquid. E-liquids will be the liquid employed for creating vapour in cigarettes that are electronic. A solution composed of propylene glycol combined with concentrated flavours, which can be subsequently combined with a varying level of nicotine. The option in nicotine strengths and flavours is where it is possible to start to generate a product unique for your own personal tastes.

One crucial variable to take into account when contemplating vaping is what power of e-liquid does one want? This all depends upon your previous experience with smoking. We offer 5 distinct strengths that are based on the average number of cigarettes you smoke on a daily basis.

For someone who now smokes over 21 cigarettes per day we urge our maximum nicotine potency of 2.6% nicotine. This really helps to keep an increased level of nicotine in the body and is an excellent choice if you’re really regular smokers.

11- 20 cigarettes per day smokers usually see our moderate level nicotine at 1.8% the most suitable strength for their day-to-day use. Lighter smokers, averaging 10 or less may realize that the lower 1.1% strength may be perfect.

At Prestige Vaping we also cater for folks who are occasional or ultra light smokers. We offer an extremely low strength 0.6% nicotine and additionally supply a 0% nicotine ideal for nonsmokers and individuals who’ve managed to cut out their nicotine use but nevertheless need to vape.

The changing selection of nicotine strengths and goods means that there’s obviously a strength you will love. Go to the store of Prestige Vaping and it is possible to choose your nicotine strength on each flavour e-liquid.