A Quality Paint Job Requires Good Surface Preparation

Good surface preparation is the trick to a long-lasting paint job for both residential and commercial/industrial applications. This is true whatever the kinds of paints or coatings that are utilized.

Even though there are many critical facets of applying paint for example appropriate temperatures, film thickness and ironic period, none are more important than proper surface prep. Actually insufficient surface preparation is the top cause of coating failure. While expenditures are included in correctly preparing a surface, the results of improper preparation could substantially exceed the whole cost of your paint job.

1 example that springs to mind is when a plant manager called us in to take a look at a roof and bar joist ceiling. The ceiling has been approximately 125,000 square feet and was coated 3 years before. The ceiling has been a nightmare because over 50 percent of this region needed visible peeling. The company had spent $80,000 on the job only to need to pay for it to be eliminated and then recoated. The entire cost today with all the rework project currently exceeded $200,000.00. The rationale that the coat was peeling was that the surface wasn’t washed before coating. The price for cleaning could have been less than $20,000.00.

Clearly the company made a bad decision when choosing to not possess the ceiling washed. One wonders for a builder gave them that option, or when the miniature painting service satisfactorily warned them of the effects of cleaning.

A good painting contractor knows the significance of surface preparation and what is necessary to guarantee an excellent job. They’d also ensure that their customer fully understands what the preparation work is, and just how crucial it’s to guarantee an excellent job. Some painting contractors will frequently offer you an updated paint job, normally comprising additional prep function, for an extra price. Other firms have that price built into their quotation understanding that necessary preparation is going to be the secret to an excellent job.